GraphicDesignerToolbox 1.0.1

Construct graphics using building blocks


  • Unique design approach
  • Lots of templates and designs to choose from


  • Takes some getting used to
  • Frustrating to be without paintbrush or spray tools

Very good

When it comes to creating complex, eye-catching graphics, usually you need graphic design skills that are beyond the means of most mere mortals.

GraphicDesignerToolbox (formerly Toolbox) takes an unusual approach to design by using a 'synthesizer' infrastructure, rather than paint brushes or spray cans. GraphicDesignerToolbox can help you generate textures, compose logos, perform photo manipulation, create text effects, and more. The idea is that GDT allows for extensive tweaking - much like a modular sound synthesizer - until you've got the sound right.

The problem with GraphicDesignerToolbox is that it doesn't really help you get through the first few stages of creating a design. There is, however, a very comprehensive Quick Start guide included in the download that helps you get underway. However, going through this makes you realize that GraphicDesignerToolbox is no simple app like Paintbrush or Colorate, but it does offer graphic design specialists a huge amount of design options.

GraphicDesignerToolbox is a very innovative design tool that takes an alternative approach to creating logos and text although the absence of a paintbrush or spray tool will frustrate many.



GraphicDesignerToolbox 1.0.1

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